Driveways & Forecourts

By installing a new driveway of imprinted concrete. K&M are able to create a complete new look. A beautiful yet lasting new driveway transforms the look and appeal of your property that can also increase its value.

When designing a driveway it is a good idea to make the pattern look interesting to hide the crack control joints, this can be done with what we call a border stone or can be done with a different band of colour running through.

Crack control joints are an excellent method to reduce the stress on the concrete slab which helps prevent cracks. Depending on the paving pattern they can be fairly discrete, however, the crack controls are filled with mastic to further disguise them, adding another professional touch.

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KM Decorative Concrete - Driveways and Forecourts


Patio paving can be a beautiful and practical addition to your property.

Whatever the size and shape of your property, K&M can design and install a decorative feature that can make your garden more inviting, while making it easier to maintain.

With a choice of colours and finishes available we can create something that can incorporate any existing features, such as plants or flowerbeds that you would particularly like to keep.

Alternatively if you're looking to sell your property, an untidy or otherwise neglected garden could impact on its appeal and even its value. K&M can install a patio quickly (with as little disruption as possible) in bringing your garden back to life.

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KM Decorative Concrete - Patios


K&M have a wide range of colours, patterns and materials for the internal floors of your property.

Paving with the durability of concrete, we can provide Natural Stone flooring to enhance the decor of your home at a price that is less than you might think.

We offer a wide variety of popular internal flooring types:

  • Honed Travertine
  • Marble
  • Natural Stone Tiles
  • Pavers
  • Polished Granite
  • Pool Coping
  • Quarry Stone
  • Shell Stone

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KM Decorative Concrete - Flooring

Concrete Countertops

From Kitchen & Bathroom Countertops to Garden & Office Furniture

A common reaction from people hearing about concrete countertops for the first time is "I wouldn't want that in my kitchen or bathroom, concrete is unattractive and it cracks". The unexpected and pleasant surprise comes when they actually view projects or are shown finished pictures. Opinions quickly change to "I would have never thought it possible, they are delightful."

K&M have brought a unique system to the UK that can be used to create attractive concrete countertops for the kitchen or bathroom, office and garden furniture right through to bespoke boardroom tables with the company logo imprinted into it!

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KM Decorative Concrete - Concrete Countertops

Commercial Projects

We know how important your project is to you. We strive to meet every expectation placed upon us. K&M Decorative Concrete are a professional team of trained, experienced, talented installers with over decade of installation experience. We also understand the importance of a commercial project. We ensure great dedication and great satisfaction to each and every project!

Providing the ground work is complete and the site is ready, it is quite possible for our team to install 1500-2500 square meters of concrete paving per week, depending of course on the complexitites of the installation.

Within our highly experienced team, we have laid major city centre roads, shopping malls, "Drive-Thru's", promenades, and car parks. Some of this commercial paving work has been outside of the UK - such as in Germany and Dubai.

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KM Decorative Concrete - Commercial Projects